Challenge Women’s Virtual Run in Germany

American pistachio sample packs were included in the goodie bags of Germany’s popular Challenge Women 5K Virtual Run, on July 4. More than 1,600 women across German participated in the virtual run. The run usually takes place in Roth, Bavaria, but a virtual run or race could happen at any location as long as the distance is completed. Many participants went to Roth, Bavaria on the race weekend for the virtual run. Those who started the virtual run at the Roth race site, received tickets to a drive-in movie and sample packs of American pistachios to snack on while watching the movie. 

Latest News

Tuesday, September 1, 2020
American Pistachio Growers kicked off the promotion with a Fitness Training collaboration with RENMAJUN FITSTART, a popular sports health club with 13 outlets and 520,000 members in China.
Tuesday, September 1, 2020
In Italy, APG collaborated with their leading health and lifestyle magazines, Vanity Fair and La Cucina Italiana, with advertorials to spread the word that American pistachios are a complete protein.